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Gifts & Finished Goods - Fun Cards & Magnets

Quantity Retail Wholesale Item# Description
Kids at Heart
$2.25 $1.69 3612854 Leanin' Tree Cards- Birthday Card -Indian on a Horse. Artist Bill Rabbit
Loon Love
$2.50 $1.88 3620392 Leanin' Tree Cards - Anniversary- Wildlife Gallery 'Loon Love' by Janene Grende
$2.50 $1.88 3615262 Leanin' Tree Cards -Anniversary- 'Prelude' by Kim McElroy. Pastel.
Birthday Cards
Aspen Encampment
$2.00 $1.50 3619611 Leanin' Tree Cards -Birthday- 'Aspen Encampment' by Charles H. Pabst. Oil.
Colors of Courage
$2.50 $1.88 3610296 Leanin' Tree Cards-Birthday-Heart of the West 'Colors of Courage' by Bruce Greene. Cowboy & Flag...
Cowboy Stampede in
$2.25 $1.69 3619936 Leanin' Tree Cards - Birthday - Cowboy Stampede by David R. Stoecklein
Cowboy with lasso
$2.50 $1.88 3610294 Leanin' Tree Cards-Birthday- Heart of the West. Cowboy with lasso. LT#BDG10294
Dighton Prospect
$2.50 $1.88 3627773 Leanin' Tree Cards- Birthday - 'Dighton Prospect' by Robin Brown. Acrylic.
Fall Fire
$2.25 $1.69 3619644 Leanin' Tree Cards -Birthday- 'Fall Fire' by Charles H. Pabst. Oil.
Get Your Hands Up
$2.25 $1.69 3619788 Leanin' Tree Cards -Birthday- 'Get Your Hands Up' by Roy Rogers. Photograph.
Girl riding a Horse
$2.25 $1.69 3612704 Leanin' Tree Cards-Friendship-Western Tradition 'Woman's Guide to Cowboy Lingo' by Wendy Liddle....
Indian Face in Sky
$2.25 $1.69 3612858 Leanin' Tree Cards- Birthday -Mountains with Indians on Horses by Charles H. Pabst
Indian on a Horse
$2.25 $1.69 3612856 Leanin' Tree Cards - Birthday Card -Indian in Canoe by John Moyers
Indian woman with cougar
$2.50 $1.88 3645622 Leanin' Tree Cards -Birthday -Indian woman with cougar by Chris Hiett
Lone rider at sunset
$2.25 $1.69 3612690 Leanin' Tree Cards-Birthday-Western Tradition. Girl riding a Horse. LT#BDT12690
Man fishing
$2.79 $2.09 3645935 Leanin' Tree Cards - Happy Birthday - Man fishing by Bob White
Nature's Playmates'
$2.25 $1.69 3619490 Leanin' Tree Cards -Birthday- 'Kokopelli Two-Step' by Lisa Danielle. Watercolor.
Paris in the Springtime
$2.25 $1.69 3640456 Leanin' Tree Cards-Birthday-'Paris in the Springtime' by Kathleen Parr McKenna. Siewalk Cafe in ...
Rearing Horse
$2.25 $1.69 3612887 Leaning' Tree Cards- Birthday - Man on a Running Horse by Steve Thornton
Soaring Eagles over a stream
$2.25 $1.69 3612910 Leanin' Tree Cards- Thank You - Pair of Cowboy Boots with spurs by David R. Stoecklein
Sweet Mornin
$2.50 $1.88 366618 Leanin' Tree Cards - Friendship - Indian woman with parasole by Karen Noles
Tadedeen Trotting
$2.50 $1.88 3641063 Leanin' Tree Cards- Birthday - 'Tadedeen Trotting' by Joyce Fay. Photograph.
That's my Horse.
$2.50 $1.88 3615261 Leanin' Tree Cards- Birthday - 'That's my Horse - Arabian Gray' by Chris Cummings. Oil.
The Dance
$2.50 $1.88 3610311 Leanin' Tree Cards-Birthday Love- Heart of the West 'The Dance' by Jack Sorenson. Couple Dancing
Tools of the Trade
$2.50 $1.88 3610299 Leanin' Tree Cards-Birthday-Heart of the West 'Tools of the Trade' by J. E. Knauf. Cowgirl & Rope
White Buffalo Calf Woman
$2.25 $1.69 3619608 Leanin' Tree Cards -Birthday- 'White Buffalo Calf Woman' by Lane Kendrick. Acrylic.
Blank Notecard
Prairie Monarchs
$2.25 $1.69 3612716 Leanin' Tree Cards-Thank You-Western Tradition 'Love Me, Love Me Not' by Lisa Danielle. Flowers...
Summoning the Storm
$2.25 $1.69 3619724 Leanin' Tree Cards -Blank Notecard- 'Summoning the Storm' by David Penfound. Acrylic.
Cowboy riding in the field
$2.50 $1.88 3610318 Leanin' Tree Cards-Congratulations-..Heart of the West. Cowboy riding in the field. LT#CGG10318
Rearing Horse with horses
$2.50 $1.88 3610535 Leanin' Tree Cards -Congratulations - Rearing Horse with horses by Wayne Cooper
Indian woman with parasole
$2.50 $1.88 366622 Leanin' Tree Cards-Birthday- 'Indian Summer Song' by Karen Noles. Oil.
Latin Lace
$2.25 $1.69 3612707 Leanin' Tree Cards-Anniversary-..Western Tradition 'Picture Perfect' by Jack Sorenson. Oil LT#...
Roy Rogers Riders Rules
$2.25 $1.69 3619778 Leanin' Tree Cards- Friendship - 'Roy Rogers Riders Rules'
Two Horses
$2.50 $1.88 3610398 Leanin' Tree Cards - Friendship - Two Horses drinking water by Kai Sibley
Inspiring Words
Golden Eagle
$2.25 $1.69 3619823 Leanin' Tree Cards - Inspiring Words 'Golden Eagle' by Chris Hiett
Large Magnet
Indian Maiden with butterflies
$5.95 $4.46 3631217 Large Magnet - Picture of Indian Maiden with rainbow of butterflies
Basset Hound
$4.95 $3.71 3626101 Magnet - Picture of basset hound "Sometimes it's hard to get your basset moving..."
Best Things in Life
$4.95 $3.71 3625370 Magnet - Drawing of Sun "The best things in life, aren't things"
Children pulling faces
$4.95 $3.71 3625594 Magnet - Picture of Children Pulling Faces "It's Hard to keep a straight face around here."
Coffee cups
$4.95 $3.71 3626362 Magnet - Picture of coffee cups "Need a vacation?..."
$4.95 $3.71 3626356 Magnet - Picture of a COLT "Cherish those gentle joys that breathe life into your day."
$4.95 $3.71 3625595 Magnet - Picture of Horse Head "May your spirit never be tamed"
Horse Sense
$4.95 $3.71 3625773 Magnet - Picture of Braying Horse "Horse sense..."
$4.95 $3.71 3626357 Magnet - Picture of two horses nose to nose "To nose you is to live you."
Hunter's 4 Basic Food Groups
$4.95 $3.71 3625767 Magnet - Hunter's 4 Basic Food Groups
Indian Maiden
$4.95 $3.71 3625378 Magnet - Picture of Indian Maiden "Take time to enjoy life's golden moments."
$4.95 $3.71 3626138 Magnet - Picture of Indian Maiden "There is a depth of serenity that comes only with inner peace."
Indian with Buffalo Clouds
$4.95 $3.71 3625713 Magnet - Picture of Indian on Horse looking at clouds in the shape of buffalos
Indian woman and wolf
$4.95 $3.71 3625770 Magnet - Picture of Indian Woman and wolf "Think freely..."
$4.95 $3.71 3625950 Magnet - Picture of two sleeping kittens "Love lives here."
Love lives here
$4.95 $3.71 3625867 Magnet - Drawing of bird and flowers "Love lives here."
Redneck Glossary
$5.95 $4.46 3631118 Large Magnet - REDNECK HIGH TECH GLOSSARY
The Fish are Calling
$4.95 $3.71 3625697 Magnet - Picture of Fish around a phone "The Fish are Calling!"
The Heart of a Home
$4.95 $3.71 3625938 Magnet - Drawing of Houses "The Heart of a Home is a Family's Love."
Two Bears
$4.95 $3.71 3625665 Magnet - Drawing of Two Bears and Camper "Look, Mom- Burritos! Yum!"
Two Horses
$4.95 $3.71 3625371 Magnet - Picture of Two Horses "To love and be loved is life's greatest gift"
Women on Horses
$4.95 $3.71 3625205 Magnet - Picture of Women on Horses "A woman's place is in the saddle"
Cowgirl backwards Horse
$4.95 $3.71 3625449 Magnet - Drawing of Cowgirl sitting backwards on a Horse "Some ..days I don't know if I'm comin' or goin'"
Indian girl
$4.95 $3.71 3625737 Magnet - Picture of Indian girl with flower "Color each day with kindness."
Misc Cards
Forever is a gift for lovers
$2.25 $1.69 3640534 Leanin Tree Cards - 'Forever is a gift for lovers to open one day at a time' by Steve Read
The High and the Mighty
$2.50 $1.88 366592 Leanin' Tree Cards- Birthday - 'Sweet Mornin' by Dan Mieduch. Oil.
Thank You
Girl with sheep
$2.50 $1.88 3610432 Leanin' Tree Cards - Thank You - Girl with sheep by Ray Swanson
Love Me, Love Me Not
$2.50 $1.88 3612760 Leanin' Tree Cards-Anniversary-Kids at Heart by Karen Dvorak. Boy & Girl Looking at each other.
$2.50 $1.88 3627803 Leanin' Tree Cards- Thank You - 'Sharing' by John Fawcett. Watercolor.
Thinking of You
Appaloosa Rider
$2.25 $1.69 3619507 Leanin' Tree Cards- Thank You - 'Good Ol' Friends' by Thomas W. Lorimer. Oil.

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