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Tips and Help

Steps to Sharing a Skill

  • Are you ready? (Preparation)
  • Tell what you are going to do (Explanation)
  • Demonstrate / Show How to do it (Steps)
  • Hands-on learning (Practice by Doing)
  • Coach with Tips & Helps (Review)
  • Resolve concerns or problems (Attitude)

Camp Crafts Guide

1. Introduction 2. Program Choices 3. Leather Fun
4. Benefits of Leather 5. Stamping Fun 6. Organization
7. Camp Craft Ideas 8. Medallions 9. Stamping Pointers
10. Basic Leather Stamping 11. How to Teach a Skill 12. Training of Staff
13. Time Balance in Teaching a Skill 14. Leather Stamping Is Fun! 15. How to Buy Your Projects
16. How to Buy Leather and Crafts Supplies 17. Pricing of Products 18. What to Make

Leather Craft Training Video Series 

Lesson 1 - Punching Holes
Lesson 2 - Setting Dot Snaps
Lesson 3 - Setting Rivets
Lesson 4 - Cutting Leather
Lesson 5 - Cutting and Edging a Belt
Lesson 6 - Dying Leather
Lesson 7 - Finishing Leather
Lesson 8 - Locking a Needle

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