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Gifts & Finished Goods - Swords & Daggers

Quantity Retail Wholesale Item# Description
Dagger Set
2/pcs Mini Fantasy Sheath
Click here for a larger image
$8.95 $6.71 283008 Daggers - Miniature Fantasy Knife Set (2) in Sheath
Leather wrapped hilt
Click here for a larger image
$175.95 $131.96 283024 Sword - Leather Wrapped Hilt and Leather Scabbard..
Army Officer Sword
Click here for a larger image
$149.99 $112.49 283011 Sword - Army Officer Sword
Fantasy Gold
Click here for a larger image
$89.95 $67.46 283012 Replica Swords - Fantasy Long Sword 1-1/2 Hands with Gold Decoration
Replica Swords - Fantasy Swor
$195.95 $146.96 283027 Replica Swords - Fantasy Sword
Scottish Claymore
Click here for a larger image
$129.95 $97.46 283010 Replica Swords - Claymore (Scottish Traditional Old Style) with extended Ricasso Gold color
Click here for a larger image
$149.95 $112.46 283016 Replica Swords - Basket Hilt Scottish Claymore (Broadsword) 32 inch Long Double Edge Blade with metal sheath

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